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Since Pro-Nirmaan has started coaching to RKIT Software Pvt Ltd, we are feeling more connected and aligned. They have taken more clarity about each leaders roles and responsibility, improve communication between different teams and departments. We are now inspired to build long term strategy and systematically execute it.

Digant Vora

RKIT Software Pvt Ltd

Pro-Nirmaan’s one on one real time coaching has helped me become better Leader and effective Entrepreneur, it has helped me improve productivity of team, improve the culture, build system and processes to run operations effectively. Now I am giving more time to develop myself and company.

Alpesh Oza

Om Electronics

“After spending five good years in the practice of architecture and interior design, I felt that me and my organization was stuck in the mundane routine of the profession although we enjoyed the process of designing. The organization was in a dire need of a catalyst who could break the stagnancy of growth and ascend professional graph. So, we decided to join our hands with Pro-Nirmaan Learning Solutions.

My couchpreneurs Mr. Dhaval Khanderia & Mr. Shreyans Doshi understood all the nitty- gritty of my profession and crafted all the sessions to meet my requirements. They had clearly put a lot of time into designing all the sessions which were full of variety and fun. They had a thorough understanding of what was lacking in my organization and enlightened me and my team to perceive ourselves as design-entrepreneurs than just as a designer. It brought a complete positive change in the outlook and working methods of our organisations. All the sessions were close to my work and were flexible with my work schedule.

I highly recommend Pro-nirmaan for your personal and professional growth. The professionalism and passion with which they work are second to none. I am grateful for their insightful guidance and criticism for which we were able to bring lot many developments and accelerate our growth.”

Ar. Naisargi Dave Zankar

Founder, Equinox Design (OPC) Pvt Ltd

I am really very glad to share my experience for below mentioned workshop attended by me with 4 team members.

“Sales Shift Workshop”
Conducted by: Mr. Dhavalbhai Khandhedia
Facilitated by: Mr. Shreyans Doshi
Date: 23, 24, 25 & 26th August, 2022

Some of my key take away points & benefits are as under

1. Customer Calling hesitation reduced
2. Better clarity & deep understanding on how to handle rejections
3. Came to know & understand the Importance of Selling
4. Worked on 7 Types of Goals
5. Definition of Sales & How to Multiply Sales
6. How to become a Professional Sales Person
7. Leant the very effective SPANCO Process
8. Why we are not able to follow the commitment and give up
9. What preparation we have to make to become a professional sales person
10. Different types of Customer’s Attitudes and how to handle them

So, I am really grateful to you for giving me such a valuable knowledge and the ways for practical implementation

Hardik Vithlani

Chairman , Vithlani Agri Brokers, Rajkot