If you’re 70% sure about a new OPPORTUNITY –  go for it.

There’s no such thing as a “perfect opportunity.” By procrastinating about a decision, you deny yourself the chance to learn and have new experiences along the way


If you’re 70% sure about A NEW IDEA – pull the trigger.

Just get started and you can make course corrections as you go.


If you’re 70% SURE ABOUT WHAT TO SAY to a new contact – make the approach now and you’ll figure the remaining 30% as you go. Yes you’ll screw up somewhere along the way – but that’s how we learn. You can’t learn by sitting around waiting for the “right moment”.


If your PROJECT REPORT / APPLICATION form is 7 out of 10 – send it out NOW.

The improvements and enhancements to get to an 8 or 9 out of 10 come from getting your application “out there” rather than the constant tweaking on your laptop.


If you’re Happy in your JOB OR PROFESSION 70% of the time – stop complaining!

There’s no such thing as a perfect Profession/Career. Every career and job has its low points. So if you’re happy at work 3.5 days out of 5 or 35 weeks of the year, count your blessings.


If you do the right things and have THE RIGHT HABITS 70% of the time – stop beating yourself up about the 30% of the time when you’re not doing the right thing. don’t Remember, you’re a human being – not a machine.


Your life and your work is about PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION.

It’s about making things happen, about doing interesting and cool things. About making a difference and making a small dent on the world.


So don’t waste your time and energy procrastinating and focusing on the 30% that’s missing.

Give yourself permission to “go before you’re ready” and try losing that perfectionist streak.


How can you use the 70% rule this week?