What you are driven by…?

🌏External Environment or

🧘Internal Environment

In day to day life….

  • Don’t like to go to work
  • Don’t find Enthusiasm in Business
  • Not having right environment around
  • Unhappy with Management/People at work/life
  • Not able to produce result
  • Not having clarity of what to do
  • Not experiencing overall Wellness
  • Not able to manage time
  • Not able to justify different roles
  • Not happy with Self
  • Things are not getting into your favour
  • Not able to manage time/priorities
  • Running out of money
  • Getting Frustrated/angry/Upset easilyPassing through Rough times

🌟Well, It’s Okay! It’s perfectly Okay!🌟

These are “External Events”, they are giving some signals to review / scan “Internal Environment”.

These External Events have no power! But have you fed them, by repetitive Self Talk, Thinking again and again over these.

🔒Can you come out from this Trap…?

🔏Yes, Of Course, 200% you can win over these.


1) “Accept” anything that is happening outside.

“Progress Starts the Moment you accept the Reality”

2) “Write Down” all the events, whatever you wish to write on those areas of Life.

3) Write down, “what positive things you are expecting” to happen.

4) “Make a small plan”, “tiny task” which you can do, Pick the simplest task/goal you can achieve. Celebrate small wins with self.

5) “Observe your Negative Self Talk” and Shift them to Positive Self Talk.

6) Use the “Power of Gratitude”, write daily what you have and what you are grateful for today.

7) For time being, “Lower your Ambition”, Don’t Focus on Goals, Dont Make Long To-do, Don’t make overpromises.

8) Avoid Blaming, Justifying, Criticism

9) “Forget or Ignore People’s opinions”

Hope you may find this help you in some or another way.

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