🔒Using Negativity To Kick Start Positivity and Transform Life…🔏

Many times, we have great things to pursue in life, but always struggle to START.

As many great things in life are missed, just because we have not taken 1st Step, isn’t it?

🚶Especially, when we wish to start

  • – Getting up early
  • – Exercising
  • – Yoga
  • – Dieting
  • – Meditation
  • – Building Healthy Habits
  • – Reading Book
  • – Pursuing your dreams
  • – Your own business
  • – Buying Insurance
  • – Investment
  • – Leaving Toxic Place or People
  • – Giving more time to Self and Family
  • – Giving more importance to Mental Peace
  • – Writing Daily Journal
  • – Writing Daily Gratitude Notes
  • – Going to Spiritual Places for Prayers
  • – Joining like minded group
  • – Focusing on Bigger Opportunities and Big cheques only
  • – Working on self

and so on…

🙎Whenever we are hit by some negative events, be it

  • Minor or major Illness
  • heartbreak in relationship
  • disrespected by near ones
  • losing loved ones
  • Failures in life or job
  • losing big opportunity
  • financial losses
  • losing job
  • mid life crisis

🪔…all these events carry powerful energy to KICK START something which may TRANSFORM your life forever.

What matters the most here is, CHOICE we make.💡

✍️Either we can cry over, get Emotionally Drain or Learn from this, and never let the same things you HURT again.

🔓Everyday or anytime, when we come across such events, let’s first

  • ACCEPT them
  • Don’t Blame Anyone
  • Stay Clam
  • Introspect
  • Listen to Our Inner Voices
  • Take Thoughtful Prompt Action

Let’s Transform through Negative Events…!

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